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 This is the tragicomic odyssey of Georg... 

A sweet, 36 year-old, self-professed family man who wants nothing more than a child of his own.

But when his girlfriend becomes a pop star overnight and aborts their unborn child without telling him, he freaks out...


And moves back in with his estranged father, Frank, a cantankerous man who is slipping into madness.


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Over the course of the series Georg struggles to keep his immediate family from falling apart. Which is easier said than done.

His high-strung mother, Bente, is a woman badly in need therapy...



While his brother Terje earns money publishing incendiary videos online...


...and has unknowingly slept with Frank's illegitimate child, their long lost half-sister Jenny.



Georg is certain he's got it figured out, that he'll never become his father...

Until one day he hallucinates a vision of the non-existent son he so desperately wants.


Faced with the realization that he could be falling into madness just like Frank, the series ultimately questions if we are destined to literally inherit the "sins of our fathers"...

Or if we're able to break the cycle of dysfunction, once and for all.